About STEM we can

STEM we can!

Girls belong in STEM too!

Women in STEM shape and change the world too! Be one of them!

STEM education requires diligence, ingenuity and work ethic, all traits that have nothing to do with gender. To succeed in pursuing our dreams we need determination, commitment and passion, again no matter the gender!

The gender disparity in STEM has been recognized, but not so much is done to reach out to girls at a younger age when they have to decide what they want to pursue.

Equal opportunity is not something women should ask for. It should be a given. Strangely enough, in the 21st century we are still struggling for equal pay in many areas and we are still fighting against the stereotypes about women in STEM.

It is important to empower and inspire girls by sharing knowledge, experience, and stories of successful women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics! There as so many of them.

STEM careers help communities and are necessary in our society. To change mentality, we need to proactively address centuries of old stereotypes and prejudices. Let’s encourage girls to follow their dreams and passions and to dare for more!